Evolutionary Hologenomics

Earth Hologenome Initiative

June 02, 2021 Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics Season 1 Episode 1
Evolutionary Hologenomics
Earth Hologenome Initiative
Show Notes

We had a chat with our very first guest, Aoife Leonard, who told us about her ambitious project called Earth Hologenome Initiative.
She is busy managing the project and preparing very cool sampling kits to send out to collaborators collecting samples around the globe.
The idea is to collect samples in the field, all over the world, from animals and their microbes, and send the kit back for sample processing and genomic data generation.
Then, these data can be used in a very powerful way together with any other data collaborators might be collecting, from ecology to behaviour, adaptations, and evolution.

Check out and follow the project here:
On Twitter: @AoifeLeonard1 and @EHologenome
By e-mail: aoife.leonard@sund.ku.dk
EHI website: www.earthhologenome.org

Intro and outro music credits:
Hopeful Journey
by Scott Holmes Music
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